About us

SGNTR is an independent, female owned handbag brand. Our bags are timeless designs with a unique signature. Choose a style to match your personality and stand out in any occasion.

Our handbags are made by hand in small artisanal workshops in the south of Spain. Using hand selected materials of only the highest quality results in a durable product that lasts a lifetime.

Frequent personal visits have helped us understand the important role our partners play in their local community by providing employment and purpose to entire villages in a rural area that is close to our heart.

The fashion industry has a reputation of exploiting environmental and human capital to create non-durable, disposable products. SGNTR does not compromise on our values when it comes to quality of our products and ethical working conditions.

About the founder of SGNTR

The brand is founded by a young woman called Roxanne, who always has been passionate about fashion and designing handbags. In her late 20’s (after gaining experience in the field) she decided it was time to create her own brand. Since Roxanne has a mixed heritage and comes from the Netherlands and Spain, she felt it was very important to try and find leather artisans in Spain. After a long and extensive search she found the perfect match.

Press Inquiries

For any magazine, stylist, photographer, content creator or editor who wants to collaborate with SGNTR please email: hello@sgntr.eu . We will be happy to discuss! Please see this page Press for more information and our publications. 

A picture of Roxanne sourcing leathers for our handbags