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About us

This is who we are

At SGNTR we are committed to design leather bags with contemporary aesthetics without ever sacrificing quality and functionality. We truly believe in long-lasting handbags, not just in terms of comfort and durability, but even more when it comes to a timeless appeal. We are focused on creating value for our customers made in a way that will always fit the world we live in.


Honest pricing – Social awareness

We are a small handbag brand who believe in our values of contemporary styles. We work directly with our factories and advisors to offer our customers high-quality handcrafted product at an honest price. As an result to this our inventory is small because we only try to order the number of products that our customers demand. This may sometimes mean that there is an extended delivery time on our most popular designs.

The people we work with

To us at SGNTR we believe in creating a relationship with our partners, in every aspect of the brand. We work really closely with our production team in the south of Spain and the factories we have selected all live for their leathercraft. Each design has been handmade through traditional methods, this combined with our values of contemporary designs and long-lasting handbags are a perfect combination to build our brand upon.

Our collections

Our designs are crafted signature pieces that will always reflect contemporary trends. We value timeless bags therefore we always design our collections with this in mind.

About the founder of SGNTR

The brand is founded by a young woman called Roxanne, who always has been passionate about fashion and designing handbags. In her late 20’s (after gaining experience in the field) she decided it was time to create her own brand. Since Roxanne has a mixed heritage and comes from the Netherlands and Spain, she felt it was very important to try and find leather artisans in Spain. After a long and extensive search she found the perfect match.

Press Inquiries

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